Reuse Plastic Lids for Crafting and Painting!

Plastic Lids for Crafting and Painting

Hi everyone!

There’s a common theme in all of my crafts, and if you have looked closely at my weekly posts here on Deja Vue Designs, you’ll see it:  I reuse plastic lids from jars, containers and bottles!

Plastic lids make fantastic paint trays and palettes for your crafting. 

I reuse plastic lids when I paint styrofoam . . . 

painting styrofoam

 And when I paint wood crafts . . . 

painting wood blocks

 And when I paint plastic bugs in pretty pastel colors . . . 

painting plastic bugs

Plastic lids are also handy when using loose glitter or glitter paints…

use plastic lids to hold glitter paint

Need to mix up some glaze to use in your decorative painting?  Reuse plastic lids!

metallic glaze

Mixing small amounts of acrylic paints using a toothpick and small plastic lid works great!

mixing acyrlic paints

And you can mix waxes together to use with the ever-popular chalky finish paints too!

Mixing dark wax and clear wax together

wax over chalky finish paint

I’ve used plastic lids to hold craft paints in almost every paint project I’ve done on my blog!

plastic lids for paint palettes

These plastic lids are also handy for holding tiny beads and embellishments so they don’t roll off of your craft table!

reuse plastic lids to hold beads

And I can’t forget all of my Mod Podge projects: another handy use for these lids!

plastic lids hold mod podge

When I’m finished with a craft? I simply hand wash the lids and save to use again!

Maybe the next project will be stenciling . . . 

stenciling with craft paint

So that’s my craft tip for today: Reuse plastic lids for all of your crafting and painting projects!

Happy crafting!


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