How to make a Shabby Flowers

How to make a Shabby Flower


Who loves flowers?  Can you raise your hand?  This girl….pick me, pick me!!  I love them all.  It doesn’t matter what color, what shape, size, style….I LOVE FLOWERS!!  Which, by the way, have you seen my peonies from coffee filters?  Shabby flowers are so beautiful to me.  They have so many elements that I love in textiles.  From Burlap to muslin to lace…it just doesn’t get any more me than that.  There are no two of these that look alike…and they are so simple to make.  If you don’t want to make your own, I am going to be putting mine on here very soon for sale.  I’ve had so much fun making them…that I’ve gotten addicted to it.  There are so many options. 


All of these will be somewhat more clear after you’ve read the instructions.

  • Let than a 1/2 yard of any two fabrics. 
  • Thin piece of cardboard cut into a circle.
  • Scissors
  • Hot glue gun and glue

These can be made any size you like…so all measurements and amounts are flexible.  This is really just a preference project.  You have to decide what you like…and go with it.  But…here are the basics.

How to make Shabby Flowers


Cut at least 8-10 squares that are anywhere from 2″-4″.  I say this because you can make these any size you want.  If you cut them 2″…your flowers will be approximately 5″ across.

How to make Shabby Flowers

Cut about half as many of the next color…in about half the size.  So, if you cut your larger squares 2″…then cut these around 1″.


Cut your circle out.  Mine are all different sizes…but approximately 2″ to 2 1/2″ across.  I punch two holes in mine…and before I begin…I place a scrap of jute or ribbon through the holes for tying the flower onto whatever.

How to make Shabby Flowers

Sorry this is blurry…I’m not sure what happened. :\


Fray the edges of all your squares…just make them shabby.

Begin by folding your squares off-center in half.

How to make Shabby Flowers


Now fold them off-center in half again…I place a dab of glue in this fold…just to secure it.

How to make Shabby Flowers

Now glue it alone the outer portion of the circle…about 1/8″ from the edge.

How to make Shabby Flowers

Take your next piece…and place it about halfway over the first.  Continue this pattern all the way around.



Take you smaller squares and fold them in the same way you folded the larger ones.

How to make Shabby Flowers

Begin gluing them by starting in the middle of two of the bottom squares…and continue around.



Now fill the center with something pretty…like a few hunks of lace, threads from fraying the squares are pretty under a little jewel.  A button, a bow…really anything you like.

 Here’s a simple cross with a pearl glued to it.


How to make Shabby Flowers


A bead.  It really doesn’t need anything else.

How to make Shabby Flowers  

Use your shabby flowers for just about anything:


A ponytail holder.

 How to make Shabby Flowers

Again…blurry. It’s really hard to take a picture of your own ponytail! lol



How bout an accent for a pair of  flip flops?



Or you could attach it to a boot.  How cute is that?




Here I’m using one for a brooch.



You can tie it to a purse for a really classy accent.



I love these for using on my natural gift wrapping …it couldn’t be more perfect.



How about a curtain tie back?  Here I’m using it on some drop cloth curtains in my living room!



Here’s a darling accent for one of my coffee bean bag pillows.



On my old books.100_0603


And finally…a perfect accent for a pooch collar.



What are you gonna do with your shabby flowers?

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  1. says

    About how many squares do you use to make each flower? I am more a sewing person, I think I might try taking each one down and using something else in place of the cardboard. These are so cute, thanks!

    • says

      Gloria, I used between 8-15 squares on the first layer…and about half as many on the second. It really depends on how large you’re making your flower…but I don’t think I used more than 15 on any of mine…even the really large ones. Yes…you could certainly sew them…but it does get really thick when you start adding layers. Good luck! 😀

    • says

      Thank you Cheryl…I agree…the ideas are endless…and once you begin thinking about it…they just keep coming. I’m so glad you stopped by!

  2. Tina Buenzow says

    I love these! i wish you would show more of your gift wrapping with burlap and muslin…i love that idea for wrapping special gifts!:) thank you for sharing!!!

  3. Angie dutton says

    I love these flowers! Vintage is my fav! I saw these on a cross as an accents but not near as fancy as yours:) I will take this idea an make some wonderful Christmas gift for friends and family:) thank you so much!

    • says

      I have a Kodak that I bought at Walmart probably 7 or 8 years ago. Lighting is you friend…and your enemy. Try to use natural…not bright direct light…as few shadows as possible. Almost any camera will work if you hold it still enough…or use a tripod.

  4. Karen E. says

    Would you mind telling me what kind of glue you used? I think if I just used Elmer’s that it would eventually not stick together. Plus some glues are water soluble too.


  5. says

    I made a couple of your flowers they were so easy and so much fun. I can make them with any color scraps I have.I am always crafting but this time my hubby kept saying make more they are so cute. so I am planning on making several for spring.thank you for great instructions.Susie

    • says

      Awe…that’s wonderful! I always love hearing these kind of comments. I’m so glad you enjoyed my tutorial. I’d love to see some of your pictures!! Have a wonderful day!

  6. Kathy White says

    Love your flowers, I made several today. Thank you for sharing your tutorial. They were so fun to make, very free spirited.

  7. says

    Hey Tammy, I just wanted to say how much I love your flowers. Customers in my store just eat these things up. I do have one question if you dont mind me asking….what fabric did you use for the flower in the 8th photo (the first finished flower that is really stringy looking). I just love that look and I see burlap but ive never seen it fray like that or maybe I am doing something wrong if that is what it is lol. I would love to know because I just love that stringy look. Check mine out on my blog
    I LOVE your blog and will be back for more! I am new to the blogging life and maybe some day you would let me pick your brain about some of the plugins you use. There are so many elements to your blog I am liking! I am off to check out your decorating with junk section…so excited. At my store American Clutter, we upcycle and repurpose so I get giggly excited to see what other people do with random things!! Ok enough rambling..hope to get to know you :)

      • says

        Thanks Tammy! I was thinking it was twine or something floating through there. I just love these soooo very much lol. I have tried making them like yours and I think I have just made them my way for so long that it isnt working for me lol. Hope you had a great Labor Day :)
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