Why a Wooden Screen door?

Wooden Screen Doors

Wooden screen doors take the mind to places that no other things in everyday life can.  The magical squeaking of the hinges, and slamming wood against the frame, deliver thoughts of easy warm summer days.  Even if one didn’t have a screen door as a child, there have been enough tales on television with them, to yield imaginative fantasies of wraparound porches and simple lives.

Recently I had  conundrum.  Jude kept sneaking into my laundry room, and getting into my little screws and nails.  It wouldn’t be so bad…but they kept winding up in my washing machine.  Now, I realize that spanking him might be the first thought that comes to mind…and we tried that.  The problem with this theory is, even if he got a spanking, he kept doing it.  By the time I caught him, I had a washer full of screws.  My heater is in the laundry room (long story), and it needs the ventilation that NO doors provide.  I had doors, but we kept them open for this reason.  My solution? A screen door.  It was perfect: A barricade for Jude, while providing the ventilation needed for the heater.  Problem:  I HATED seeing into my laundry room.  This is how I solved the problem.

wooden screen door I cut a piece of 1/4″ luan to screw to the inside of the door.  This will get calked and painted into place.  I opted for chalkboard paint to dress it up.  Y’all know how much I love my chalkboard paint!!

wooden screen door

I opted to go with a dark color, mostly because I kinda wanted it to still have that screen door charm.  But, chalkboard paint didn’t seem like quite enough to me.  It needed more.

wooden screen door

I took these simple brackets from Home Depot, and disassembled them.  The bracket portion of them were too wide…and I didn’t like it anyway.

wooden shelf bracketBy simply prying them apart…I got what I was looking for.

wooden shelf bracket

Painted them up, and strategically placed them on my wooden screen door.

The spindle in the middle is a gallery rail for the top of cabinets.

gallery railIt just had to be cut to length and painted.

Then I also had the lower additions lying around my shed.

wooden screen door

I nailed and glued the pieces into position like I liked (after playing a while of course!), and here’s what I’ve got!

wooden screen door Now…..what do you think of my gingerbread screen door?  What visions come to your mind when you hear a wooden screen door squeak and slam?

Love Y’all!

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    You’re not alone in having a screen door inside. We always had one between the kitchen and living room to keep the cats and dogs out of that room when I was growing up. Back then, you could buy screen doors that were quite ornate. That fit perfectly with the 100-year-old house. The chalkboard is a much more useful idea.

    • says

      Yes…I have one between my sunroom and the kitchen for the same reason. I LOVE my dogs to death…and I don’t want them out in the cold, but my big dogs are boxers and they shed, and slobber on EVERYTHING!!! This serves the purpose quite well.

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