As many of Y’all know…not so long ago I had surgery on my neck to fix what was gonna most likely paralyze me from the neck down.  Today I’m not talking about my neck…but what happened while I was recovering. Something Y’all probably don’t know, this year was a rough one in terms of insurance for our family.  Without getting into too much detail, for reasons beyond our control, our insurance got switched twice…meaning we had three very large deductibles to meet.  This is NOT the time you want to have emergency surgery..or lots of procedures…and on and on.  Long story short…we had to meet over  $16,000 in deductibles along, and that doesn’t include co-pay.  I’m not trying to whine about my deductibles either.  My point?  Things have been rough this year…so all that down time got me thinking REALLY hard about finances. 

One of the areas that I looked at really hard…TV.   I can’t tell you how many times I’ve said “We pay $100 a month and there is absolutely NOTHING to watch.”  The normal things I wound up watching were the networks, and their regular shows.  Yeah I could just watch them online, but I couldn’t get local news.  So…I stuck it out a little longer…thinking.  Then one evening I was given an alternative from Antennas Direct.  And…I was given the opportunity to tell Y’all about it.

I was given a really cool box that came in the mail.  This box said HDTV antenna.  I sorta rolled my eyes…cause I’ve seen antenna TV before.  In fact, a week prior to my “BOX” arriving, my mom got an antenna of her own.  One that she bought somewhere else.  They said they were better than before…but they weren’t…they were that same fuzzy screen that I remembered from before.  So, you can imagine, I wasn’t thrilled with the thought of losing my satellite antenna…but I had to do something.  It was just ridiculous to spend that kind of money every month.  So, we bit the bullet and we took the whole whopping twenty minutes it took to hang the antenna up outside…no lie!

What did I expect? I expected three Fuzzy…unclear crappy half tuned channels.   What did I get? SEVENTEEN…yes, you heard that right…seventeen perfectly crisp and clear channels.  I didn’t even know we had that many channels near our home.  I couldn’t believe it!  It was completely insane!  FREE TV as good…if not better than satellite! 


The picture was moving…not blurry!  I mean look at the writing at the bottom!


Different channel! Can you believe this?


I have no idea what this show is…but it sure looks good! lol

So…what do I have now? Free TV.  I completely unplugged that satellite and for the price of LESS than one month of paid TV…you can have free TV too!  Would I recommend it?  Dang right!  I’m loving that extra money every month…and you can too.

Go check them out!  See which HDTV antenna from Antennas Direct is right for you.  If you aren’t sure…they can help you.  They sure did me!  Did I get paid to say any of this? NOPE…I did get an antenna…but No money!  These opinions are my own…no one else.  Me and my family truly feel like we made the right decision.  And now….my mom is gonna get one of these for herself!

By the way….Antennas Direct has a Facebook page! and a Twitter Page too!

Do you pay way too much for TV that you don’t watch half of?  Why not go Free every month?  Let me know what you decide…Do you want to unplug?

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  1. Anna Reinhardt says

    Dear Tammy,
    I am sorry to hear about your misfortune with your neck and your health insurance.
    Thanks for the info on the HDTV antenna. I would like to share this with you. Have you heard of U-Versioncom .It is a bible app. I use it to do my bible reading daily. You might want to check it out.

  2. Sandy says

    I’m so sorry to hear about your financial problems. Going through something like that is very frightening, or at least it is to me. Things just seem so out of control. Although why we ever think we’re in control is beyond me. What is it they say? “We plan, God laughs”, or something to that effect. Thank you for the information about the HDTV antenna. I was just telling my husband last night that paying for satellite is ridiculous – there’s nothing to watch!

    • says

      I absolutely LOVE my antenna. If all you wind up watching is the networks…this is definitely the option for you! Thanks for your words of encouragement Sandy. I really do appreciate it, and yes it’s frightening…but I know things will work out. I just have to make some cuts that should have been made a long time ago anyway! Thanks again.

    • says

      Well….I have internet…but it’s separate. I figure even if you’re bundling…it’s still cheaper without the cable. I guess you’d need to do some price checking. Let me know what you find out.

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