Triple Sitter! Chair Upcycle

Chair Upcycle



I’ve been looking for three matching chairs, for a chair Upcycling Project….and at least ONE with arms for FOREVER!!!!!

AND one day….it happened!!!! And one of the arms was already broke off!!!!  But….the other one was loose too!!! lol….I always get ’em like this!  I was out snooping about the alley….yes….I really do just snoop the allies sometimes.  I found these three darlings!!  They were EXACTLY what I wanted!  I seriously couldn’t have ORDERED this find more perfectly suited to my needs.

This took SOOOOOO much more work and time than I EVER suspected it would.  I had to do a whole lot more constriction than I suspected it would take.  I had to brace between the chairs between the backs and the seats….figuring the angles was a pain in MY SEAT!!! Because I put the chairs together on a curve instead of straight….my fabric wouldn’t fit…so I had to COMPLETELY change the plans!….But it worked out for the best….because I had to use my outdoor fabric….so now she’s WAY more flexible!

This is during the process….I had already taken the center legs and turned them to match the angles…and reattached. Arms are off…and waiting for the replacement…..bracing was in place in the photo above.

Here she is all dolled up and ready for someone to own….and by the way…she sold within minutes of arriving at the booth.  I’m a little sad about that….I think deep down inside…I really wanted to keep her!


She reminds me of my headboard bench! (Well….the bench part anyway!)  My cute little cottage style water fountain would look cute sitting next to her too! What do Y’all think? I’m IN LOVE!!!!!

Do you have a place she would work?  Would she go inside or out? What color would you make her?

Love Y’all!!!!
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  1. Pati Elder says

    Hey, Ms. Tammy!!! It was beautiful in your booth!!! It sold today!!! Thought you would love knowing that!

  2. says

    Great save on these chairs!!! Hopped over from Furniture Feature Friday and I’m happy to be your newest follower. Would love to have you stop by for a visit! ~ Judy

    • says

      Thank You Amy. This is by far one of the funnest projects I’ve ever done. Thanks for stopping by. I hope you come back soon.