Moon (and spring) Swooning!

Moon Over My House

This week…as I told Y’all, I have my long, lost hubby home.  Even if I WANTED to work on any real projects….I probably wouldn’t get them done. lol  I’m swooning over him….not the moon this week! :)

While working on another story, I was digging through some of my photographs.  I found these…and thought y’all would enjoy them.  This was a picture of a full moon over my house here while back.  I took it in color and turned it into a sepia tone.  What is sooooo intriguing about a moon?  Almost haunting…alluring.  No wonder the coyotes howl for them…


Back in the day…when I was working for the EMS…folks always said the moon didn’t effect EMS calls.  Those folks….didn’t have a pager sitting by their bedside table.  I began to notice the days around a full moon.  The calls didn’t always happen dead on the full moon….but ALWAYS a day or two give or take around the full moon EVERY TIME….calls would, at least, double….if not, triple.  I began to notice more “road kill” on the roads…and more “odd” calls.  We went to more domestic violence calls….you name it.  We used to say….”well…the natives are restless!”  I won’t “share” all the things we used to say…lol  but that was one saying I will share.  Let’s just leave it at that.

This week….as the winter Solstice passed…I’m missing spring and so glad we’re half way there again.  I’m so glad I live where the winters are fairly short and mild.  If I can get through the next few weeks….we’ll be on our way.  Of course there is that little matter of the LOVELY West Texas spring winds!  I’m really not sure what it is about warm air that causes the wind…but even in winter:  Warm Days, mean Windy Days.

This week as we all prepare for New Years Eve, Resolutions come to mind.  I’ve decided that instead of being specific about any….I’m just going to try to be a “BETTER” human.  Sometimes I fall short of what my expectations are.

What are your New Years Resolutions?  Do you swoon over a full moon?  Do you yearn for spring to arrive?

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Love Y’all

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