How to Make Poinsettias from Water Bottles

Poinsettias From Water Bottles


Christmas time spurs a crazy flurry of projects, for almost everyone.  If you’re not bustling around, putting up decorations…then you’re crafting or baking or shopping.  This year…I’ve done NONE of those.  I really haven’t had the energy.  Plus…and I’m not sure I’ve told y’all this…but I’m fixing to go CRAZY with home projects…I HOPE.  I’ve made a decision.  I’m going to finish my house…and put it on the market….but that’s for another day.  It’s just hard to get excited about decorating for Christmas…when you know you have so many other things to do.

Water Bottle Poinsettias

I’ve joined up with several other bloggers…for a Christmas Craft showcase.  How fun is that?

I had started on several projects…and couldn’t really decide what to use….these are what came to my mind.  Y’all know how much I love to recycle.  What better way to reuse all those old water bottles?  I have another project…that I want to play with a bit…and refine before I share. 

I really had plans…to make several of these…and put them on a wreath….but here’s my lame excuse.  I only finished one red and one white one, before our weather turned to an arctic blast…and well…I kinda value my lungs…so I prefer NOT spray painting in the house.  So I didn’t get the wreath done.  BUT…I can still show you how to make these bad boys…and you can decide if you want to risk your health making them…or maybe, you just are lucky enough to have fabulous weather…and can get outside! :D

Water Bottle Poinsettias

Each poinsettia takes three water bottles. I know there is probably a more efficient way to use these…I just prefer using the bottoms of the bottles.  If you want to be more conservetive….you could glue the petals in individually and get more of them from one bottle.

Water Bottle Poinsettias

Cut two of the bottles just over halfway up from the bottom.  One just under half.  Now cut them in a cross pattern…and shape the leaves.

Water Bottle Poinsettias

So..basically you will have three graduating petals once you cut them and shape them.

Decide what color you want  your flower and paint the two larger leaves that color.  I used a paint that is made for bonding to plastic.

Water Bottle Poinsettias

and the small one green.

Water Bottle Poinsettias

 I like to place the leaves…with the points down…and the red ones with the points up.  Just a dab of hot glue between each layer and something for embellishment…and Bob’s your uncle!

Water Bottle Poinsettias

These would look cute on Christmas packages too! How about some of my handmade Christmas wrapping?

Water Bottle Poinsettias

I love using JUNK! :D  Oh…If you like recycled crafts…check out my little paper towel roll ornaments…I’m showing the readers over at LCI how to make those today! :D


Be sure and visit all the other projects!  We’ve got an amazing group of gals in the tour!


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    These are adorably clever, Tammy! I love your project, and you can only do so much! Good luck with selling your house and all that fun. Ugh. Thanks for joining us on our tour!

    • says

      Thanks Marty. Yeah…not looking forward to that at all. Hopefully things will slow down a bit after Christmas…I really hate this process…but I’m sick of living away from my hubby! Have a great week!

  2. says

    Water bottles? You never cease to amaze me with your creativity and thinking outside the box…or bottle in this case! Love this tutorial, and can’t wait to see your wreath and the other project you hinted at! This poinsettia flower is gorgeous, and thank you for not risking your lungs and health by spray painting indoors!!
    Laura / The Shed by Pet Scribbles recently posted…Christmas Craft: Miniature Christmas PresentsMy Profile

    • says

      haha…I have actually spray painted indoors before…and I will NEVER do that again! Thanks Laura…you’re just pretty darn creative yourself! :D


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