How to Add Romance With Candle Holders From Junk

Candle Holders from Junk

Sitting by the glow of a fireplace just makes one’s heart sing.  The ebbing of a flame…and the warm glow has long been admired of humans. So many folks have quit using them, replaced with the wax warmers.  Yes…for safety, but for romance…there is no replacement.  Whether a flame comes in the form of a fireplace, or a flickering candle…the yellow glow is the epitome of romance.  The juxtaposition of the rough textures of junk and romance of a candle is the perfect combination.  The balance of candle holders from junk is the tension that most interiors need.  I have combined opposing forces before, if you can recall my post about decorating with junk.   This combination of differing materials and feelings can also be seen in my junk lights. 

bunt cake pan as a candle holderHave you ever thought of a bunt pan as a candle holder?  It’s just the right size for this gorgeous turquoise candle.  They make nice wreaths too!  How cute would that be in the kitchen?

old rusty parts for candle holders

The candle holders in the picture above are some rusty bits and pieces found laying around the barn. Sometimes if your candle doesn’t fit perfectly you can drop a bit of melted wax inside and then quickly press your candle into it before it cools.  That’s generally enough to hold your candle into place.  If not…you can always hold your candle into place and pour wax around the base.

If your candle is too big…it’s easy enough to taper and reduce the base of your candle to fit just about any object….

trim the bottom of a candle to fit into a candle holder

like I did for this retro style coke bottle,retro coke bottle for a candle holder

and these old couch arm spindles I found in a junk pile.

arm spindles from a couch used as candle holders

These were just one of those finds….that make you just go….WOW!!!

I made these from spindles we took out of a half wall, when we started our Reno on the house in town.

100_4582 copy

Cut various lengths gives them some interest…and keeps your eye moving around.

Sometimes…you don’t really need the tension, you just want the aroma, or the warmth of the glow.

Here I just placed a large candle in some moss and sand inside an apothecary jar.

Candle in sand and moss

It hits the painting I did of the Mother and child lambs and almost looks as though it’s in the barn with them.

Here I took an old antique tea-cup and placed a tea light inside….Just a BOOST of romance.

100_4627 - Version 2 copy

You can make candle holders from junk…or just about anything your heart desires.

Do you like candles?  Have you given up on candles?

Love Y’all!

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    Great ideas! I love burning candles and I hate throwing away anything. I’m always wondering what I can do with something before I toss it away. But unlike you, I usually can’t think of anything decorative. My mind goes automatically to “What can I use this for to fix something that’s broken or to make something work. LOL
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    • says

      Thank You…and yes…I had to avoid them when my kids were small…and now, when the grandkids come over. Thanks so much for stopping in!

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