Headboard, Bedhead, Garden Bed…..BENCH!

Headboard Garden Bench

I managed to get this cute little headboard…..Well, maybe it wasn’t so cute….but as usual…I forgot the before.  I’m sorry Y’all, I’m trying to do better!  Sometimes I just get so excited….I just jump right in and start a project before getting them!
I’ve been wanting to do  a headboard garden bench for a while….. I just hadn’t found the right subject till now!

100_2735 copy

A twin is just perfect for this project.  Other size headboards work good for a regular rectangular bench….but I would think they would be a bit big for a corner bench like this one.

Here’s what I did:

I cut the headboard  in half…Right up the center.  It already had the center post….so I had to be careful to leave it in tact.  This meant really cutting up either side of it and reattaching the side pieces to it.
Then I cut a triangular piece of plywood to use as it’s seat.

100_2733 copy
Cut a back leg…and braced it….
Cut an apron….Yes….that decorative part that I painted “FLOWERS” on.
Then I painted the whole project black.
Painted the word….
Aged it…..
Waxed it….

Wow….I guess I didn’t realize how much I DID do! She would go really well with my little cottage style water fountain like my triple sitter!
Off to the booth!!!

100_2736 copy

What do you think of the triangular shape? Do you like black furniture?

Love Y’all!

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  1. says

    Ridiculous Tammy!!!!! I love this bench!! Well done and YES YES YES love that black!! I have done a table [it had laminate on the top and now is bubbled, but will leave it, not sure how to fix that! LOL] and I have to re-do the top a solid color. I am trying to learn HOW to distress but the table was my first one. I dont have it on my blog as I do cards, but I think I will be putting ALL my ‘goodies’ on it…again….well done!!!!

    • says

      Pam…Thank you so much. I’m so far behind. Have you used chalk paint…it and milk paint are going to be the easiest to distress. Thank you so much for your kind words! 😀