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Angel Ornament Tutorial

jute and lace angel

Yesterday….I showed you how to do a cute little hemp rope dragonfly.…well….this is her Angelic sidekick!  She’s as cute as the dragonfly….and equally as easy.

What you’ll need:

About 20 inches of rope or jute

Lace, or material of your choosing for her wings

floral wire

What ever you want for hymnal.  Or you can make her praying.

Hot glue gun

Something to twist the floral wire


You’ll start her basically like the dragonfly….loop and twist your rope…only this time only go half way down to the bottom loop.100_4323100_4324

Dragonfly Ornament Tutorial

Glue the end off like you did for the dragonfly and cut the bottom loop to make her two legs.  Again….if your confused….the pictures will clarify it more in a minute….(I hope! lol)

Take the floral wire….find center.  Form a halo at the center and twist the two ends long enough to go down to the middle of you angel’s back.100_4326

You will feed the wire up her back….under the loops, and wrap the two loose ends around her body to the front.  At this point…you may have to trim them. 100_4328I coiled mine….and as you can see…spray painted and began to hot glue the burlap for her hymnal.  I glued both hands to the inside of it….and then sandwiched them with another layer of burlap.  You could use anything for your hymnal….paper, fabric…or just fold her hands and glue them like she’s praying.

The wings are just exactly like the dragonfly’s….I’ll show you pics below again….only I’m adding what I used for her’s….and I loved it.

Dragonfly Ornament TutorialRemember any round or semi-round material will work.

Dragonfly Ornament TutorialDragonfly Ornament TutorialDragonfly Ornament TutorialThis lace is what I used.  The bottom is cut to about six inches…and then I angled it up to make the top about three.

Now tie it off in the middle like yesterday.  Again…leave the tails for tying and make sure you go under the coils and trim.

Now I took another strip of lace and began to glue and gather around her waist for a skirt.

Again…take your string or monofilament and tie it for a hanger.100_4300Tie and trim again.  Oh…my….what an angel.

Angel Ornament TutorialAngel Ornament Tutorial

Would Y’all use the black screen?  What about a colored lace?  I think she might even be pretty painted all white….what do Y’all think?

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