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Two equals One

Goodwill pillow covered in a sweater

If you don’t know this about me….you haven’t been reading my blog long.  I LOVE GOODWILL! There is very few things I can’t find there.  I could actually make a shopping list and find just about everything I need at a thrift store.  Now…that’s not to say I’d find it THE day I make the list, but seriously…anything you’re getting from Goodwill…is probably NOT something you need RIGHT THIS MINUTE.  Be patient, It’s so worth the wait.  ANYHOO….

feather pillow found at Goodwill

It’s amazing how many of us wear, the same style that we decorate with…..this might ring true for many of you.

Hand me down sweater

Why, yes, that is a huge stain on that hand-me-down sweater.  No fear….it came out in the wash.

Any time I run across a down pillow….I grab it.  I don’t care what the case looks like….the pillow inside is worth the $3.  I’m rarely in love with the cover…but then, if it were beautiful….most likely…it either wouldn’t be at Goodwill…or it would snapped up quick.  I found this Ugly, but down/feather pillow at our local Goodwill over a year ago.  I grabbed it knowing eventually I’d get time to make a new dress for it.  I’ve also been DYING to make some pillow covers out of some old sweaters I have.  This week while organizing my closets…I ran into these two items.

I cut the old ugly gold cover off of the pillow, taking care not to cut into the inside pillow cover.  As it turned out…I didn’t even have to sew two sides of the sweater….it was the PERFECT width for the pillow…. I couldn’t have planned that if I had wanted to.  Before I cut anything on my sweater….I zig zagged it on either side of the cut so that it wouldn’t fray and come apart. Once that was done…I turned the sweater inside out and  sewed the it on end where I was gonna cut the neck off….because the tail wasn’t gonna snag, but I have another reason, that I’ll explain in a minute!  I cut off the extra portions of the sweater…I’m saving the sleeves and neck for other projects.


Before Sewing the pillow up into the sweater, I had to account for the fact that my sweater’s design was very open….meaning it had lots of large wholes in the pattern.  This meant I had to cover the pillow with something before I could put it in the sweater slipcover.  I wavered back and forth between black and linen.  Eventually I decided I liked the look of the linen better…so that’s how she got dressed.linen pillow insert

Once I had her linen case on….notice I didn’t even worry about how neatly I sewed the end up….it won’t show.  I turned the sweater back right side out. Then I slipped the pillow into the case.

pillow edge

Now as you can see…the bottom of my sweater had a scalloped edge that I liked and wanted to show….which it turned out…worked perfectly for me…I didn’t have to get a needle and thread….I just pushed in on the pillow…and sewed it down with the sewing machine!


goodwill pillow project

Even the back looks cute.

goodwill pillow project

My cute little Goodwill sweater slip covered pillow!!! That’s a mouthful!

What do y’all think?  Do you like her dressed in people clothes? Do you have any clothes that would look good in your living room as decorative accents?

Love Y’all!!

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  1. Gloria says

    Tammy, am I blind or is the picture not here? Also, what’s with the name and Email blanks? Couldn’t get the to the edge. Have a great day!

    • says

      lol….no sorry…I accidently hit the publish button….it’s tomorrow’s post….and they’ll be there tomorrow! lol Sorry ~Tammy

  2. says

    Your pillow turned out gorgeous! Such lucky finds on the sweater and a pillow. Yes, you can pretty much find what you’re looking for at the thrift stores.

    I have several sweaters that I want to do this with, but I’m afraid my poor old machine will stretch them as I sew. I can’t seem to get the settings right for knits.
    BethM@Under A Pile of Scrap! recently posted…Mosaic Gazing Ball – or is it?My Profile

    • says

      Thank You…as far as the settings…I didn’t do anything special. It sewed right through really easily! Try it! You’ve nothing to lose but time and a cheap Goodwill sweater! :)


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