Goodwill Bookcase – Painting Finishes

Painting Finishes

Goodwill bookcase with Milk Paint finish

I love to play with painting finishes of all kinds.  Finding new techniques brings a spark in me that gets lost over time.  I figure out how to do a painting finish….then I get bored.  So, when given the opportunity to try something new….well, it’s usually “no questions asked”.  This time, I think I almost leaped with joy when I found out I was getting to try out today’s paint surprise.  You see, there is an awful lot of hullabaloo in blog land over milk paint.  Although I’ve played around with some homemade versions of my own, I had never had the opportunity to get the “real deal” on my hands.

Real Milk Paint Peacock

The AWESOME folks at the REAL MILK PAINT CO.  sent me four amazing colors to play with!  Last week when I was working on my Goodwill bookcase, I knew that it was on its way. That bookcase, that everyone loved, by the way, has had more views than any other post on their first day!!! (I can NEVER predict what will be popular!)  ANYHOO, I didn’t really want to tip my hand, till it showed up.  I think in a way I was still pinching myself that they did this for me!   They sent me red, black, peacock and pearl.  Now, although I love color, probably more than anyone, I didn’t feel like it would really look at that good to put all the colors on one project.  No matter how tempting it was! lol   So….I opted for two.  I almost quit with one….but where’s the fun in that?  I’m SO glad I didn’t!  I started with the peacock.  Words really can’t describe how I feel about this color.  Peacock is the only description that is appropriate.  It’s just so much prettier in person than these pictures could convey.

painting finishes

First, let me just say that this paint was a BLAST to work with.  It’s thick and creamy, and just glided onto the bookshelf.  I was amazed at how well it covered with the first coat.  I’d love to talk about JUST the paint….but I think that’s all whole different day!

I’m trying to lighten my house up just a bit.  I had gone a little darker with some of my colors….well…because I LOVE COLOR!  But, I miss the airy lightness of my whites too.  So, although I loved the peacock all over the bookshelf….I decided NOT to leave it as the final coat on the outside of the bookshelf.  I do LOVE the color, so I opted to leave it on the inside.  The pearl was the perfect fit for the outside.  Let me just say….now that it’s all painted up, you can’t tell this bookshelf from my REAL wood bookshelves.  You would never know that it’s a $20 bargain from Goodwill.

I always use wood paste wax anytime I have a paint finish like chalk or milk paint.  I am NOT going to say I have a preference….but if you live around here…I can say, you’re NOT gonna have a choice about the type or brand you get.  I can almost guarantee that the Yellow can, is the only one you’ll find.  It’s clear…and it works fine.  The green one I ordered on-line, it’s dark…and you need to REALLY want to darken your project if you’re gonna use it.  But this is a whole other post too!

wood paste wax

One thing I do want to say about the Real Milk Paint:  I had heard about how it would chip and crack naturally, giving it a unique finish.  It’s part of what appeals to so many folks.  Now that I’ve played with it….you can bet, there is some fast and furious experimenting going on with painting finishes at my house right now!  Look at these amazing crackles and chippies!!!  AND….I didn’t even have to try!!!  I also have to tell you: It was near impossible to get a good, justifiable picture of this paint.  It didn’t seem to matter what the lighting or angle was….I just couldn’t get the pictures to convey how gorgeous that peacock color is!!!

painting finishes

painting finishespainting finishes One last thing I forgot to say.  I DID prime this.  I normally just sand lightly, but the Milk Paint said it would be better to prime over this kind of surface.  Looking back, I think I could have gotten away with a good sanding…but I thought I’d let you know!

Love Y’all!!!

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    I love the bookshelf! Love the color. I have some furniture I have been thinking about painting and your post was very helpful.

    I just started a new Link party and was wondering if you would bring this and any other posts by? The party is for recipes, crafts and etsy shops. I hope you will stop by and link up!

    Thanks Cynthia at
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