Good-bye 2012…Howdy 2013 – A Reflection

Lessons Learned

Dear Tammy,

In 2012 you did many things…not all good….not all bad.  As the saying goes, You’ve come a long way baby! Hopefully most of the lessons learned have been through experiences that will have lasting lessons.  Lessons of life, love and better living.

In the early part of the year, you made a decision to begin publishing more seriously.  Well…not completely serious.  More often, with better stories, longer more detailed stories.  I think you accomplished that.  Maybe, not as well as you wanted to….but you did take baby steps, and that’s what counts.  Now you have this year to improve those skills more and HONE in on this further.

In the spring you managed to do something you had wanted to do for a long time, step out of your comfort zone and rent a booth.  This was a two-fold lesson.  One…YOU CAN DO IT!  Two…you don’t like working FOR others, and need to set a goal to get back to your OWN business.  Meaning: OWN yourself and your business.  If this means opening your own place, then do that, but don’t let someone else be your master.  You have ONE of those…and he’s pretty quiet most of the time, giving you gentle nudges as you kneel to visit with him.

This past summer, you learned you’re NOT superwoman…and you WILL have to slow down.  You’re physical body is no longer what it was…and you need a break occasionally.  You can’t do the things you always have, and you have to accept that you won’t again.  You learned to get some things in place, so that you can enjoy other things.  You and your husband made a decision that has had lasting results, scary results, and have been very difficult to live with.  More tough decisions are coming this year….prepare yourself, with your spouse, and get ready to kick that decision in the butt!!  You already know it’s coming…be prepared and hit it with both barrels.

For the first time since your youngest son was born, you had to accept that he’s a big boy…and he’ll be okay.  You had to let go of him, so that he could develop big boy wings…and he’s flying quite nicely.  You had to accept that he is fine away from you, much easier than you, from him. But, you’ve also learned…you like that new him…and you’re proud of it.

You made a decision to sacrifice a few things for the smallest member of your family…and that’s tough.  You’ve managed to make this work….and learned that this is an area that you need more work, serious work….but that’s for this year.

Mostly, in 2012, you learned to give yourself second chances.  You learned that you’re gonna be fine….even if you aren’t perfect.  You learned NO ONE is…so let that go.

I can’t wait to see what happens in 2013 with you, and how much you learn…kinda scared about that too.

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Love Ya!

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    I love that you learned to give yourself second chances! We all deserve that…sometimes even third and fourth! And yes to allowing our children to grow their wings and fly — it’s hard to watch them go and go and go but it’s the whole point of being a parent and when we see that they are capable and willing to try, we know we’ve done our best for them. Here is to a bright 2013!

    • says

      Yes…letting our children learn to fly is something I really have to work on. Mostly, I need to learn to remember that God’s in charge…and it NEVER pays for me to worry…and it only binds my children and myself up…keeping us from advancing in life and faith.

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    I love that you have learned to give yourself second chances. That’s an important lesson to learn. I tell myself all of the time if you don’t fail at something you’ll never succeed at anything. You’ve gotta just go for it and if it doesn’t work… re-evaluate and try again. Thanks for participating in our community blogging project. Looking forward to your posts throughout the year!



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