Flip Flopping My Flip Flops!

I LOVE flip-flops!!! I know….who doesn’t?  And here….where we wear them almost year round….they are a STAPLE in most folks’ wardrobe….men included!  I remember a year or so ago…four days before Christmas….wearing flip flops!!! Ya just never know in Texas!

My daughter and I discovered this AMAZING place to buy very GENTLY worn clothes that HAVE to be up to date to even land in it.  I have bought three of four very nice pairs of Yellow Box sandals in there.  A few months ago I found a black pair that had big ole gaudy stones sewn to them!!!! Just like a Texan!!!  But….about two weeks into them….BOO I noticed that one of the rhinestone had gone rogue…..=[   What’s a woman to do when she loses a shoe?….I didn’t know….but I knew that they were entirely too new to chunk…so they got set aside till I could figure it out how to turn those bad boys into recycled treasures!….and I knew I would eventually.

Step forward to two weeks ago….I was in a drug/accessories store….and ran across some super cute flip-flops that had additional covers for the straps….that change in and out.  The sandals alone were nearly $40! and the pairs of straps were $8 each!!! I was really tempted…but seriously?  As hard as I am on shoes I just couldn’t justify that!!

A few days after I got back home….it dawned on me!!! DUH!!! make your own!  Dummy…You’ve already got COMFORTABLE shoes….that NEED something!!! So….I thought about what I might use first….and of course…what is the MOST natural selection for MWUAAAA????? Burlap of course!!!

So….here’s what I came up with for the first snappy covers!!! Hmmmmmmmm I might just have to start doing these for OTHERS!!!!

flip flops that lost their bling

I got out my trusty leather workin’ tools ……….

burlap flip flops from unusable yellowbox sandles.


My trusty roll of burlap……….

burlap flip flops from unusable yellowbox sandles.

Scissors and fabric glue and mad fraying skills!!!

I could’ve used velcro like they did….but I hate the way it gets all gunky with fuzz and strings….and I sort of like the snaps!  I already had all the supplies….so I’m not sure what it cost…but I’m figuring NOT $40 for the flip flops  and $8 for the snappy covers!


burlap flip flops from unusable yellowbox sandles.

Yes….my feet are crossed….no my toes aren’t backwards! lol


burlap flip flops from unusable yellowbox sandles.













Well…..would this be Y’alls’ first choice?…..or would you wear these?  I LOVE THEM!!!! Now…I just have to pick my next fabric!

Love Y’all!




P.S……here’s some updates!!! Two more pairs I’ve done!!!









Pink Leopard!!! Yum!

lace flip flops from unusable yellowbox sandles.










Ahhhhhhh….Vintage Love!!!

I can’t decide which are my favorites!!!

Which pair do you like the best? What other fabrics would you use for these?

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Love Y’all!

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