Five Natural Gift Wrap Ideas






Natural Gift Wrap

The first year my hubby and I were married….I got pregnant three months in. Sick with pnuemonia…no one bothered to tell me that the antibiotics would counteract the birth control….so our little princess started on her way soon than we planned!  ANYHOO….with our three boys…and a spoiled brat on the way, we had very little money!  I already had the creative bug and I wanted our first Christmas to be “pretty”.  I had cheapo wrapping paper left over….but that’s exactly what it looked like…cheapo paper… my quest for unique natural gift wrap options, and love of tightwad decorations started.  That year I spray painted my wrapping paper golds and silver….and found elements from out of the yard.  With those in hand and a can of spray paint my first Christmas turned out pretty nice.

This year I wanted something to go with my burlap and lace stockings, I love all things burlap and natural materials  Spray paint alone just wasn’t going to cut it!  With Christmas being the most “wrapped” time of the year…I thought I’d spend a couple of posts giving Y’all some inspiration for gift wrapping ideas.  Hopefully with this first natural gift wrap….you’ll get kick started into some creative home decorating and natural gift wrap ideas.  And of course….these are….in my style….recycled treasures.

These are super simple…but elegant, and all from scraps around my house….so once again….cheap cheap cheap!

lace painted gift wrap

This one is just brown paper bag material that I’ve painted in my classic “lace painting“. I cut the tag out of a scrap with decorative scissors and tied it with a raffia ribbon.


gift wrapped in plastic bags and accented with paper, burlap and lace


Okay….believe it or not….I seriously just took several plastic “wal-mart” style bags and used them to wrap this present! I then used some scrap burlap strips to tie a ribbon on it and grabbed scraps of other various naturals for accents….. I think this might be one of the prettiest of all of these gifts!


gift wrapped in brown paper and accented with paper flower and lace

Again…with the brown paper bag….just plainly wrapped and a paper doily gift tag.  The coffee filter flower just makes this gift sooooo elegant!  I just used the floral wire as the ribbon and wrapped it around the gift.  Really simple and stylish!


Gift wrapped in burlap and accented with a doily bow

This girl was just wrapped up in burlap and a paper doily flower was added to her! hmmmmm :)

This last one….brown paper with a covering of toole.  I used just enough toole to scrunch a little poof on top and tied it off with lace!  It might….be my favorite!

These are just five examples of what will go under my tree this year.  I’ll post more as I get them wrapped!

Love Y’all!


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