Dragonfly Ornament


Dragonfly Ornament Tutorial


Yes…Yes…ANOTHER scrap happy tutorial.  But isn’t she just tooooooo adorable? This little dragonfly isn’t just adorable….she’s really easy to make….and in this tutorial, I’m gonna show you how to make this little recycled treasure….and give you some home decorating ideas for other options for her.  Today’s post….will go along with tomorrow’s  little angel of a tutorial too!!!  So…Y’all will have to come back to see the companion! :)

What you will need:

About 30″ of hemp rope depending on what size you want your ornament

Hot glue gun

Material of your choosing for wings…option ideas will be below You’ll need enough for two sets of wings.

Floral Wire

Something to make a hanger with.  I used a thread pulled from burlap

Spray paint if you don’t like the color of your floral wire

Something to twist and cut the wire with


Start by cutting your rope to the length you choose.  Fold your rope similar to mine below.

Leave one end a lot longer than the other.  Taking the longer end, begin close to the top of the loop with the folded end.  Begin to wrap it in a coil around and around the length of the rope.

When you reach the end of your loop….hot glue the end down.  You should have something that looks similar to this:

Now turn to your floral wire and fold both ends toward the center so that you have  two long ends sticking out…and two loops like below.Don’t get too concerned with the two ends being even….you can clip those later.

Take the loop ends and decide how long you want your feet.  Twist them and place them along the body where you want them to land.  Wrap the other end around the body taking care to get between coils so that they can hide your wire.

Now take the two straight ends and fish them up through the rope….under the coils towards the loop of the rope so that it hides the wire…and the wire will act as a “backbone” of the dragonfly.  I know this all sounds complicated….but the pictures should clear this confusion up.

Here you can see that I had to bend the end to fish it up through the loop once I had it pulled up and under the coils.  :)

Then you can twirl the ends like antennae.

Now….decide what you’d like for wings.  I chose paper doilies….but anything round or half round will work.  Here are some ideas:

If you want fuller wings…use circles….if you like simple….cut your circle in half.  Fold in half so that you have this shape either way.

Tie it in the center and you have your wings.  If you see in the picture below….another idea for material….and see how I left tails on the string….that’s how you attach your wings to the body.  You can clip these once they’re tied.  NOW….make another and tie it placed just below and beneath the top set.

Now adjust your feet like your like them….and take another piece of string or monofilament and fold and tie it similar to this:

Place the ties directly above your top set of wings and tie it around the body….again taking care to go between coils….and there you have it!  I now it sounds confusing….but these pictures below will hopefully clear it up.  If you’re like me…photos are a clearer tutorial than words many times.

I’m in love….it helps that Dragonflies are some of my favorites…..tune in tomorrow for my ANGEL:)

Love Y’all!

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