Dishpan Water Fountain

Dishpan Water Fountain

dishpan water fountain

I adore the sound of running water.  There is something very soothing about water fountains and their little splashing and trickling sounds.  Over the years I have built various types of little water fountains from assorted recycled treasures.  Several years back I made a water fountain by my front door.  It was a watering can pouring into a washtub.  Everyone who visited me commented on it.  Usually good….all except my brother-in-law, who takes great pleasure in teasing about anything he can think of at any given moment. Every time he visited….as he entered the house….”I need to pee!”  No explanation needed there. :\

Since Cottage Style is just my cup of tea…(pun intended.)

Here’s a cute little fountain….that’s super easy to build with very little inexpensive…if not free items.


dishpan water fountain


For this I did have to purchase a new submersible water pump…mine just wouldn’t work from before.  You’ll find that if you have ANY hard water problems, once you leave a pump sitting not working for much time….it won’t work anymore.  occasionally you can clean and fiddle with them enough to get them to go again. You can pick up a pump anywhere they sell pond supplies.  If you don’t care to have much flow…you can even use an aquarium pump….but it will only provide a trickle.  I personally like this in some applications, I’ll explain later. You’ll need some dishes that you don’t use…or don’t mind not using in the future.  If your fountain will sit where it won’t be bumped or messed with…you could possibly use your dishes later.  This is also a GREAT way to use your broken china…just place them where the broken part isn’t showing!  You’ll need some clear silicone sealant.  You can get this in the long tubes that you use a calk gun with….or you can buy it in smaller tubes that are meant for single use.  If you don’t plan on using it for anything else…I would recommend the smaller.  Also, you’ll need some sort of container large enough to allow for the flow of water you desire…and for the amount of dishes you are gonna use.  I chose one of my old enamel pans. An old pedestal sink would look cool for this project too!  With a little creativity you could come up with all kinds of home decor ideas!


supplies for dishpan water fountain


I didn’t make my water fountain a permanent application…mostly because I’m a flake and I like to change things too often…also because mine is gonna sit in the corner of my counter top with no one bumping it.

Begin by placing your pump in your container.  and testing the flow of water.  Some pumps are adjustable…depending on how expensive they are.  Remember if it has a strong flow you can obstruct the flow with your dishes, and will somewhat to hide it.  If you plan to silicone your dishes into place you’ll need to decide on and test your pump, taking note of your placement as you go.  When you have it adjusted like you like…and the sound is what you like, you’ll need to disassemble it. Again….take good notes on how you have it arranged.  I usually take pictures as I go.  Keep in mind the height, width and depth of the fall of water…as this is how you adjust the sound your fountain will make.  Allow EVERYTHING to completely dry before rebuilding your project, generally silicone will not stick to wet surfaces.  When resembling your project…place a generous amount of silicone where it will be hidden with the next dish….taking care to cover your pump. Also keep in mind where the cord comes out also…it needs to be in the back where it isn’t visible.  Give your silicone at least twenty-four hours to dry before replacing the water.  Remember that most submersible pumps will overheat and burn up if they are ran without water.  If your project is large enough…has enough light, and allowed to acclimate long enough….you could put fish and water plants in it!!! (I did with the washtub and watering can fountain!)

That’s pretty much it!! Turn that baby on and and relax with your pan of dishes.  I added a drop or two of dish soap to make mine bubbly.  Please don’t put fish in that! lol


bubbles in the dishpan water fountain


I think this little water fountain would just look adorable sitting next to my headboard bench….or triple sitter!



So….would you use a sink of dishes as a water fountain?  Does it make you need to pee? lol

Love Y’all!

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    OMG!!!!! This is soooo awesome!!!!!! Ugggh!!! I just LOVE LOVE LOVE this!!! I actually just purchased like 20 old plates, different styles for $5 and was going to make bird feeders, bird baths but wow! I am loving this! Thanks for showing this and thanks being so creative!!


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