Curves and Coffee

 Curvy Coffee Table

White chalk paint with dark antique wax



Oh…another leggy coffee table project!!! If Y’all will remember….I’m doing a suite for one of my spare bedrooms that’s not red. lol

This little darling coffee table just stole my heart! Just look at her luscious legs…..who wouldn’t fall for that?  I picked this gal up somewhere that completely eludes me now.  You know the type….she was all made up and glowing in the dark corner of some haunt….all shiny and made up.



Heavy with her make up….but I could see that she had some real natural beauty… I picked her up…knowing she’d be more than a one night stand….get it? lol  Okay I never claimed to be a comedian!



I started to chip away at her thick exterior facade….sanding and de-glossing…….

I began to renew her exterior….gently powdering her nose….in all seriousness…..I used a light pale grey chalk paint,

but I forgot to take pictures of her before I started aging her.  Sorry folks….sometimes I just get busy and forget….and my foot was hurting and I really wanted to finish her.

If you don’t remember….I did a post about how to make your own chalkboard paint…..well…the same recipe works for chalk paint too! :)

I let some of her gorgeous curves and lines show with a little sanding….and began to age her with a dark antiquing wax…..if you decide to use the dark…be aware that it does add a lot of color!…..but you can bring it down with mineral spirits if you feel like it’s just too much.


Dark Antique furniture wax


Don’t forget to buff really well after applying the wax.


White chalk paint with dark antique wax


Oh….look at those curves…..the way she holds her legs………


White chalk paint with dark antique wax


Her colors……her lines!

And just LOOK at those feet!!!!



Could you have coffee (table) with her?



White chalk paint with dark antique wax


Love Y’all!

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    Love your painted table girlfriend – thanks for linking up to It’s Party Time! I’ll have to try chalk paint sometime soon too – your makeover is gorgeous!


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