Chair Affair (Flowerpot chair and decorating with junk)

Flowerpot Chair: Decorating with junk

Decorating with junk is just one of my favorite activities in the yard.

flowerpot chair

I’d love to know who came up with the design of the chair…or the flowerpot chair. I know they come in many different shapes sizes and colors…like my green to green on green  upholstery chair.  Chairs are pretty handy for a lot of different uses around my house.  We use them for our bottoms….our feet…and our purses.  We use them for our coats…and company.

I know the concept of a flower pot chair….but I certainly do appreciate them! So creative…and I really wish I could take credit for it…but that’s been going on a lot longer than I’ve been coming up with anything creative! 

This chair has to be one of my favorites to plant though….it’s metal…so it’s just lasted and lasted outside, however the wood back is JUST about to give it up!

flowerpot chair before - Decorating with junk

I gave it a fresh paint job and new wire.  I used the fabric type window screen to keep my soil from falling out of the chicken wire….it lasts so much longer than anything else I’ve used in the past.


Here she is all planted up…now, granted…she’ll get some fuller…and the creeping charlie will get bigger…but I really love her color combo this year.  Her colors match my toadstool!  I might just have to place it in her!! 😀

flowerpot chair

Love y’all!

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  1. Jackie DeHollander says

    How can I get more detailed directions for this-I am not sure how the chicken wire is placed and what you use to attach it-

    • says

      Hi Jackie, I attached my wire, but leaving it long enough to wrap around the edges of the frame of the chair, and attached it to itself. You can use wire, or cut some of the holes, and create ends to twist. I’ve seen people use heavy duty staples…but I think wire is a bit more secure. Hope that helps.

      • Jackie DeHollander says

        is the chicken wire attached taught or do you make it like a small pouch like to put the screen and dirt in-can u use weedblocking paper instead of screening-

        • says

          Yes. .. leave a pouch. Absolutely, landscape fabric will work great. I used screen fabric. .. Because that’s what I had on hand. :)

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