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Best of 2012 posts and home decorating ideas

As I sit here thinking about this last year, I’m amazed at how many different projects I have written about.  My posts have grown over this year.  I can’t believe that I’ve been writing that long.  Actually a little longer…but I didn’t get REALLY serious about writing until about a year ago…and REALLY REALLY serious just several months ago.

I have published several posts I liked…and several that are in the running for best of 2012 in my mind.  I know which one I’d have to say was the public’s best of 2012….it would have to be


Hands down!

Chippy old door

Do you know….she’s been pinned on Pinterest over 10,000 times and shared on Hometalk over 1,500?….Yeah…I’d have to say “she’s the readers’ favorite!”

While I think it’s one of my favorites…I have a hard time deciding.

I think of all the tutorials…

My coffee filter paper flowers

wins by a long shot as far as the public goes…maybe me too!

coffee filter paper flowers

So….what was my favorite? Let’s put it this way….what were my favorites?  When you put as much work into a project as I do…you get attached to them.  They’re like my children.  Sometimes it’s really hard to let them go!  So….if I had to say…in my opinion what the best of 2012 WERE….I couldn’t decide on just one.  So with the two I felt were the public’s and the several I like, I just had to pick the top ten!

It’s Not Red

turquoise furniture, tuqoise paint treatments, aged paint treatments, faux finishes


Leopard Print wardrobe

but then….leopard print will probably ALWAYS be one of my favorite prints!

Leopard Print Dresser

Bead Head!

Headboard Garden Bench

Triple Sitter

Triple Sitter

Coat of Many Colors

Multi colored sewing table

Now this COULDN’T be a top ten….if I didn’t put in at LEAST one light project….so it’s gonna HAVE to be one of my favorites….kinda wish I hadn’t sold this one!

Butane Bottle Light

Light from a shot up butane bottle

My best of post wouldn’t be complete without….

Door of Dreams

Bed Canopy from an old doorI still want one of these in my house!

As far as tutorials go….I think the

Coffee Bean Bag Roman Shade might be my favorite



Recycled Coffee Bean Bag into  a Roman Shade from Mini Blinds

There were so many…I really can’t decide.  But this would be the top ten combined!

Of my favorite readers….I wouldn’t be able to decide that either.  Y’all are all the BEST of 2012!!!   With out Y’all….I wouldn’t have a reason to keep this up! I appreciate all the clicks and looks and comments!  Y’all don’t know how much it means with every share and pin!  I’m always overwhelmed at the amount of folks that will be loyal and precious to me…but post after post….there Y’all are!!!   So really….I mostly just want Y’all to know….of everything on this site this year….Y’all….are the

BEST of 2012!!!

So thank Y’all!!!! from deep down in the bottom of my heart! And I can’t wait to see what 2013 holds for all of us!

Have a Happy New Year!

Love Y’all!

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