August Giveaway

Yes…Yes…I know! I haven’t posted all week….and I missed my OWN August 1 deadline to announce the Price for my other August giveaway! Rub it in…why don’t Ya! I’ve been preparing for the LONG venture back North! Ugh….and it’s been no easy feat.  In the process….I have taken one booth down in Hereford and placed it in Clovis.  So….now all Y’all on the West side of me can go see my things there.  It isn’t complete yet…but that’s a tale for another day!  In the mean time go visit my booth at Hereford….Main Street Market on Main Street (DUH), in Clovis at Gypsy Chicks on fifth between Main and Pile…or a Mariachi Frog on sixth between Main and Prince!  I don’t officially have a booth at Mariachi Frog…but I will have a few things “hanging around” there!!! (That’s a hint)

I’ve been tossing the idea of what to give away this time….I’ve just had the hardest time deciding…I have folks that want both….so….after much thought…I’ve decided that the dragonfly is going to be the prize! I will wait to paint her till the winner comes forward and lets me know what color! I will ship her if necessary…but I’ll have to ship her unassembled because of the size she is with wings attached.  So….whomever wins her….will have to screw her wings back on….no worries though…seriously It’s not rocket science!!!  That being said….I don’t have a picture of the VERY one that will be given away…but you can look at some of the others I’ve made….here….and here! The last one will show you how to RE assemble her when you get her if you need help with that!

I’m fixing to be on the road back to North Dakota for a visit with hubby….I miss him already!!! More from the road!!!  Hopefully I’ll run across some goodies to haul home!!! In the mean time….stay posted….and if you haven’t already….click over there!!!————->> Yes….on the right and up at the top of that column!!!! Subscribe via email or RSS so that you’ll be eligible to win this little LOVELY….or the Perennial giveaway posted here!

Oh….The only thing you have to do to be eligible…is be a  “website” subscriber…NOT just a facebook fan or liker.  This automatically enters your name in the pool.  Just like with the other give away….I’ll put your name in two more times for a share on your facebook with a comment from you.  If you share on a friend’s wall….I’ll add another addition.  I’ll allow you to have one post on your wall…and one on each friends’ wall before the fifteenth….and once after the fifteenth….and before the 31st….That’s actually A LOT of entries in the pool….so get busy sharing! Remember if a friend subscribes…and comments that YOU sent them….I’ll through your name in again!!!!  Good Luck.  If you haven’t taken advantage of extra entries from the perennial give away….you still have time to share now and after the fifteenth for maximum entries!!!

Y’all have a WONDERFUL week….and week-end!!!

Love Y’all!!!

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  1. Debbie Howard says

    Love these dragonflys, I am now digging around looking for old ceiling fan blades, I just have to have 1 or 2, well just maybe 3 or 4, I already have 4really nice table legs they are just waiting on their wings! LOL. Thanks Tammy love your ideas.

    • says

      Have you seen the little bugs I’ve been making? I think the post is what’s bugging you….at least with those….you don’t have to find ceiling fan blades…you can use flyswatters. I’ve seen ceiling fan blades in home depot and lowes…but seriously…they’re $25 bucks for four blades.

    • says

      Mary…because you joined my subscribers list on my blog…you are also automatically entered to win my “Shagged in Summer” Give Away! Good Luck!!!

  2. Susan Shappell says

    Hi Tammy! I entered your Dragonfly give away and posted a link on my FB page too!! Keeping fingers crossed!!

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