A Man Who Reads…Printable

A Man Who Reads

Today…I was thinking about all the books I’ve ever read.  It’s hard to imagine life without books…isn’t it?  If you’re a reader…you will totally understand this feeling.  I can’t imagine going through life without books.  I think I’ve probably gone more places…in the pages of books…than I could ever imagine actually getting to visit.  That’s okay, if this is how I get to go…so be it…but don’t take my books! 😀

I made this little printable, about a man who reads…and thought you might enjoy it. It would be adorable in a frame.  It’s a bit small…but the resolution is good…and it can be enlarged.  

You see…Friday, doesn’t have to be just “Foodie Friday”.  It can be…food for thought as well.  I hope y’all enjoy it…and have a wonderful week-end! 😀

This printable is downloadable and usable for your personal purposes…and under no circumstances is the @ to be removed.

Reader Printable

Do you read?  I’m fascinated by what others enjoy in the form of styles.  I’m wondering…how would y’all like to see a monthly book review?  My daughter and I both devour books (according to my mother).  If this is something that might interest you…speak up…


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  1. rosie says

    I just finished reading THE PLUM TREE AND THE ROCKING CHAIR, both on my e reader.
    Very good story telling, but my favorite is Patterson. James, is the name!!!!!

  2. tammy Sides says

    I have probably read more books than I have watched movies. I keep all my books also (or 99.9% of them). My plan is to get some decor books at the thrift store and use them for decor.

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